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Dex Hsu
General Manager and New Business Development, LCY Biosciences Inc.

Dex completed his Masters and PH.D. in Chemical Engineering from the National Taiwan University. In 2013, he joined LCY Chemical Corp., which is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. LCY Group is an international leader in the petrochemical industry with divisions in methanol, solvents, electronic-grade chemicals, rubber, performance plastics and energy. Over the next six years Dex held various leadership positions within LCY’s Research and Development Department, specializing in Computational Chemistry, Fluid Dynamics and Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics. In 2017, Dex took on the role of Head of Chemical Science and New Product Development, leading a team of 30 scientists.
In 2018, LCY Chemical Corp. decided to add to their existing portfolio and venture into the biochemical industry. An opportunity presented itself for the purchase of an existing Bioindustrial Fermentation Facility in Sarnia, Ontario. A business plan was put in place to restart the production of Succinic Acid as well as launch new product development and the acquisition was completed. As Dex achieved previous successes with pilot product launches such as Polyimide Monomer and Printing PMOLED, he was selected to head up the newly formed biochemical division and relocated to Canada in 2019.

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