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Fireside Chat – Engineering a Successful IP Strategy – Eileen McMahon and Melanie Rowand, Torys LLP
Sponsored by Torys LLP

Protecting your intellectual property is a key building block for success. From the most common IP mistakes and how to avoid them, to patent dos and don’ts, and how IP impacts investment potential, Eileen McMahon and Melanie Rowand will provide actionable insights for SynBio innovators to help them build an IP strategy. 
They will also share how to identify what other innovators in your area are working on and use a few case studies to illustrate what to do, and what not to do, when managing your IP. The speakers welcome questions from participants.
Topics include:
•    What IP is and why it matters
•    The most common IP mistakes, and how you can avoid them
•    The patent process – if you need one, how to get one and how much it costs, what freedom-to-operate means, if having more patents is better, and if getting a patent is enough to protect your innovation
•    Questions investors will ask you about your IP
•    What companies you plan to partner with will ask you
•    Why you need an IP strategy document 



Eileen M. McMahon, Chair of the IP Group at Torys

Melanie Sharman Rowand, Senior Lawyer with the IP Group at Torys

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