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Mather Carscallen
CEO of Algae-C

Mather Carscallen, CEO of Algae-C, has over 15 years of experience leading tech startups and scaling technologies in multiple countries and across numerous sectors, including biofuels, agriculture, advanced analytics and pharmaceuticals.
In 2013 he founded SabrTech, a company focused on designing and investing in sustainable solutions which has generated several spin-off technologies and companies including Algae-C which was founded in 2015. Algae-C’s single-step biomanufacturing platform represents the next major leap in pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing,making drug ingredient production more streamlined, economical, safe, and sustainable. 
Mather holds a PhD in Computational Ecology from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, and has a degree in Marine Biology and Applied Mathematics from the same institution. Mather’s innovative developments in the field of algae research have been recognized globally where he has received numerous awards.  

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