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Panel - Molecular Medicine in Health Innovation Focusing on RNA Technologies: Moving the Needle in Canada
Sponsored by Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR)

Join us at Canada SynBio 2023 for an enlightening panel discussion on "Molecular Medicine in Health Innovation: Moving the Needle with RNA Technologies." This session will showcase the impressive advancements in synthetic biology and highlight Canada's leadership in leveraging RNA technology to combat a spectrum of diseases, including infectious diseases and cancer. Explore success stories that exemplify Canada's pioneering role in the field and uncover strategies for fostering public-private partnerships to accelerate the commercialization potential of RNA therapeutics. Engage in a thought-provoking conversation on the barriers hindering Canada's path to RNA research and commercialization leadership, and collectively brainstorm actionable steps to propel the nation forward in this transformative field.


Laszlo Radvanyi, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR)

Aleksandra Pastrak, Providence Therapeutics

Maura Campbell, Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization (OBIO)

Julie Claycomb, University of Toronto

Ines Holzbaur, AmorChem

Parimal Nathwani, TIAP

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