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Samuel Stimple
Field Application Scientist, Twist Bioscience

Prior to joining Twist Bioscience, Sam served as a Senior Scientist in the In-Vitro Antibody Discovery team at Sanofi, a global pharmaceutical company. During his time at Sanofi, he contributed to the development of innovative approaches for antibody discovery, leveraging in vitro techniques to accelerate the identification and optimization of therapeutic antibodies using phage and yeast display.
Sam's academic journey culminated as a Postdoctoral Fellow at The University of Michigan, where he discovered and optimized conformation-specific antibodies against polypeptide aggregate species in purified therapeutic peptide formulations. Previously, at The Ohio State University, he earned his Ph.D. in chemical and biomolecular engineering and served as a University Fellow and Graduate Research/Teaching Associate. His dissertation research encompassed two main areas. First, he delved into protein engineering and purification, utilizing directed evolution approaches to enhance a platform technology for broadly purifying non-monoclonal antibody (non-mAb) proteins. Second, he explored synthetic biology and metabolic engineering, developing RNA-based gene-regulatory tools to optimize metabolic flux in bacteria.
As a Field Application Scientist at Twist Bioscience, he enjoys contributing to the understanding and application of synthetic biology, genomics, and DNA synthesis, while helping customers enable groundbreaking innovations in the life sciences.

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