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BioCreate Showcase

Get to know the first cohort of the new BioCreate program! The 5-year, $11.6 million dollar project funded by OG and the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario is giving selected start-ups financial and business support to help move the province’s biotechnology scene forward. During this showcase, you’ll hear from each of the eight companies just accepted into the program pitch to possible investors and partners.


AIMA Laboratories (Hamilton) is speeding up the diagnosis of endometriosis by creating a home test.

Index Biosystems (Burlington) is working on BioTag technology to make food products safer and cut down on food recalls by verifying sustainability, product quality and source-of-origin.

Kraken Sense (Oakville) is developing new technologies to speed up detection of new and existing variants of different viruses and bacteria to maintain public health and safety.

Ceragen (Kitchener) is helping farmers increase crop yields through microbiome engineering.

BioFect Innovations (Toronto) designed a microorganism to mass produce brazzein, a sugar substitute.

Genecis (Toronto) has engineered a bacteria that breaks down food waste to make cheaper bioplastics.

Liven Proteins (Toronto) is producing animal-free protein ingredients for the food industry.

Performance Plants (Kingston) is using genetic engineering to produce climate change-resistant crops.

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