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Previous Conferences

Missed our previous SynBio Events or looking for what you can expect at Canada SynBio 2023? Read and learn about our past events here.



Canada SynBio

May 31 to June 2, 2022, Toronto – The 2022 Canada SynBio Conference was an energizing gathering of entrepreneurs, academics, policymakers, and engineering biology professionals. This national event builds on the growing momentum in the sector, demonstrated by new ventures, foreign investment in biomanufacturing, and new funding programs. During thought-provoking and engaging talks, speakers and attendees expressed momentum in engineering biology-enabled solutions to address society’s greatest challenges.

Canada SynBio 2022 Videos On-Demand


Fireside Chat: "Present State and Future of SynBio in Canada"
Doug Friedman, BioMADE
Paul Freemont, Imperial College London
Bettina Hamelin, Ontario Genomics

Dr. Pieter Cullis
University of Britisg Columbia


Canada SynBio

September to December 2020, Toronto (Online) – Our annual Canada SynBio Conference 2020 pivoted to a virtual Bio-Revolution Webinar Series which drew over 900 attendees. In its third year, this national conference explored emerging themes in engineering biology through a series of engaging and interactive panel discussions. Featuring experts from across Ontario, Canada, and the world, this series was well received with hundreds of national and international attendees from different spheres of engineering biology. This series can be viewed on demand.




Canada SynBio

March 6, 2019, Toronto – Ontario Genomics hosted 2019 Canada SynBio, Canada’s Second National Conference focused on Engineering Biology, together with the Genome Canada Enterprise and our partners and sponsors. Over 300 people, including researchers, policymakers, industry, entrepreneurs, start-ups, associations, students, funders, VCs and other investors from across Canada and beyond, packed the MaRS Discovery District auditorium for the event.


Canada SynBio

March 6, 2018, Toronto – Canada’s First National Engineering Biology Conference drew over 300 people together from across Canada and around the world for a day of learning and collaboration.  Held at the MaRS Discovery District, Toronto, ON, this inaugural conference was aimed at harnessing the collective knowledge, experience and creativity of stakeholders from all segments of the bioeconomy to advance Canada’s position as a global leader in the field of Engineering Biology.

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