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Panel - Carbon Circularity in The SynBio Age
Sponsored by Genome Alberta

Synthetic biology is at the center of current efforts to transition from our current linear (make-use-dispose) economy to a more circular one, wherein waste is eliminated by converting it into valuable products. By engineering organisms like bacteria, fungi, and algae to break down complex waste streams and produce the materials, medicines, and food that we need will allow us to combat climate change, protect biodiversity, and support a more sustainable economy. This panel will focus on how industry is utilizing emerging technologies to contribute to this circularization and how Canada is poised to benefit by leading the charge against waste.


Tom Finn, Genome Alberta (Moderator)

Samantha Cheung, ALT TEX

Mather Carscallen, Algae-C

Marilene Pavan, LanzaTech

Andrew Chiappetta, Genecis BioIndustries

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